Why is Google so Important?

Google - Search Engine OptimizationMany people wonder why Google seems to be so critically important to SEO strategy. I only mention this because so many of our Delaware SEO clients ask about it. Well, the fact (at least right now) is that most searches are performed on Google, not Yahoo, Bing, AOL, or anywhere else. Their share is more than two-thirds of the market which means most people go to Google first. Consumers often set Google as their home page and read reviews on Google. Why is this the case and why is Google so important to your marketing strategy?

Creating an SEO Plan

Search Engine Optimization is a plan to make a company more familiar to Google and other search engines. When Google sees your firm’s name come up over and over, this results in higher ranking for your website, so that instead of appearing on page 7 of Google search results pages, your company appears on page 1 or 2. It might even be at the very top depending on the search engine terms (keywords) a searcher uses.

We always tell our clients that it’s best to do things right: create unique, original content and install backlinks on sites that make sense. We try to create attractive landing pages that work and get social media started if that is a weak spot. You can’t fool Google and we don’t even recommend trying. A good SEO plan involves work, but once that work is set up, maintenance is relatively easy and clients can be sure they don’t get penalized by Google. Moreover, they experience the success they are paying for as consumers find these firms and spend their money.

Google Analytics and Algorithms

Genius minds at Google have created and continue to create formulae which analyze data coming onto the internet. They can tell when an article contains too much of a keyword and will classify it as spam. Their algorithms detect backlinks placed on websites that are of little value: places which let anyone post a backlink, even if that link takes consumers to a company unrelated to that host site (For example, think about a link to golf lessons on a site dedicated to nursing bras – it just makes no sense, and Google’s algorithms can see this.). Google detects copied content: writers can’t just copy a blog they wrote last month or articles from other websites and paste it on Facebook or their landing page as though it’s new content.

Google also analyzes data in a way that SEO experts can translate for our customers. We can see how many times people click on the link to a client’s company. We find out how often those clicks lead to sales (conversion rates). Software is available to track where readers and shoppers come from worldwide, to alert clients when reviews for clients’ products and services are posted, and to receive automated alerts for every time a company name is referred to online. Much of that is thanks to Google.

Google Services

Although they don’t publish their algorithms and are always updating in response to tricks by clever con artists, Google offers a lot of advice about how not to conduct an SEO campaign. Their advice leads to the same conclusion I started with: you can’t fake it in this business. Business owners have to build a strong online presence thoughtfully and ethically or Google will relegate them to the very back pages of a search if they don’t throw them out of search results entirely.