Tools of the Trade

marketing-687246_1280Let’s talk a little bit about some SEO tools of the trade – or, more specifically, how to track website performance, because this is a large part of what we do here at Delaware SEO.

Your website is an important part of your advertising strategy. Many consumers meet you and your product for the first time when they encounter your landing page, so it has to be up to par. How can you tell if your website is working for you? One answer is profits: are you making any? Another is hits on Twitter and Facebook. If there is chatter on these sites and people “like” you, those are good signs. If not, it’s possible your website does not come up when consumers search for your product online, which is where we come in.

Surface Tools to Track Site Performance

We have the skills to analyze how your website is performing and also to assess the quality of a site just by looking at it. Does the page load quickly enough? Are the colors appealing and is text easy to read? When we try to navigate the page, are we left confused and frustrated? Does the landing page tell us what we need to know about your company? If we type in key words related to your business, does your firm come up on page one, page two, or much even further back? Those are surface issues that don’t require background analysis.

Digging Deeper

The tools we’re talking about go deeper. We can assess the speed at which your site uploads and fix this if it isn’t loading quickly enough. Consumers won’t stick around for a slow-loading site in case it contains viruses and also because they are impatient.

We can find out how often people talk about you and your products online for better or worse in reviews, articles, and on forums. There is software which allows us to monitor all of your backlinks: to see where they are, find out if they are appropriate, and discover how much traffic those sites get too.

It’s possible to find out when key words are being used online. There are automated systems that let us know all sorts of details regarding the key word including how often it’s used and where the search generated from in the world. Paid programs tell us when your company name or product is used online too.

With these tools, we can also search for other, competing companies. We would look up their websites to assess quality and engagement but also dig into their analytics to see what you are competing with.

Analysis Tools

The most important site is Google, with Yahoo in second place. That’s why most of us SEO professionals refer to Google analytics, but we can track key words on Bing, AOL, and mobile sites specifically. We will use this tool to track your online ranking from before we work together, shortly after launching the campaign we build for you, and regularly throughout the coming weeks and months. It’s important that we regularly assess the situation in case our strategy needs tweaking. We can improve your website design, remove backlinks from ineffective locations, and write keyword-rich blogs. Results should be noticed fairly quickly, and you should experience financial growth within 6 months; maybe sooner.