Making the Most of Social Media

finger-769305_1280Although you and I may not have yet consulted on this, it’s possible your firm has not tapped into the benefits of social media yet, thinking this is just a place to socialize. Social Media is so much more and savvy business people can’t afford to dismiss it. Whether you are talking about LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, or MySpace, social media is an essential part of branding and marketing, and we at the Delaware SEO Company can help your business make the most of social media.

The Various Qualities of Social Media

In the world of SEO, we find that certain media are well suited to particular tasks. For instance, Instagram is fabulous for posting images. That makes it ideal for artists in any visual genre (oils, sculpture, clothing, or tattoos). YouTube is the ideal place to run a video campaign, a way to promote a service that hires out musical acts for weddings and exhibitions. Facebook is probably the best-known interactive site for posting pictures and comments; a place for dialogue.

How Companies Use Social Media

As you can see, the three examples above demonstrate what a company can do in the way of promotion: they can “talk” about and they can “show” their products. That’s just the start. Many large brands use social media as a way to run promotions cheaply. This saves them sending out thousands of items in the mail or running expensive television ads. They expand their profile, often attracting a new generation of consumers who consider social media a normal part of life. They use search engines to locate products and yours will turn up.

Companies use social media to engage individually with customers, picking up the threads of conversations, answering questions, starting discussions, and responding to criticism or praise. They use these media to find out what their customers want and what they are thinking; even to find inspiration for new ideas.

A search engine will find contests established on Facebook where participants have the opportunity to win lipstick, detergent, or granola bars for life. There might be a chance to win money or a holiday or to create a flavor of potato chips. Once a customer is on this page, he finds out what other people are saying about the firm and discovers there are real people behind the brand name.

How We Help You Utilize Social Media

What can we do to support your presence on social media? First, let us help you identify the best forms of social media for your business or product. Maybe you need the professional approach with LinkedIn or the community approach with Twitter. Most firms choose at least two types, sometimes more. Our Delaware SEO Services group will work with you to determine the best course of action for you.

After that’s settled, you can write your own content or we can handle that part for you with SEO-enriched content. This will help search engines find your social media pages and potentially elevate your ranking. That’s another use of social media: every short entry is taken into account when search engines go looking for content a consumer is searching for, so use this space wisely. Add key words when responding to clients or choosing slogans for contests.

Our services extend to social media maintenance. Is it difficult finding time to keep the site up to date? We’ll keep you current with relevant writing in a suitable tone.