SEO Delaware

SEO search enging optimization15039207_sA company that specializes in medical equipment maintenance or landscaping services probably doesn’t have expertise in SEO writing or analysis. Our Delaware SEO firm, however, has all the answers. Our employees thrive on the challenges of understanding how search engines work and helping clients get to the first page of a Google search. Here is what we can do for you with SEO Delaware.

SEO Services in Delaware

Okay, first of all, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. The idea is to optimize your company’s popularity when consumers (preferably from your specific target market) type key words into a search box. Say you are selling hand-made jewelry: my job would be to determine the words which best represent your product but also the ones people will use to find you. They might not be exactly the same. Which ones are more likely to be fruitful on the internet? This is easiest to demonstrate by conducting a search together based on what you sell and the words you would use to search for that item. Links that appear on page one represent companies backed by strong SEO marketing.

I would perform keyword analysis specific to the industry of hand-crafted jewelry. Once I chose the best words, they would be recommended to you, the client selling these products, and you could write a blog on your website using key words or phrases. These would probably include the city where your business is located (Wilmington, for example), hand-made, hand-crafted, jewelry, earrings, custom designs, or other related terms.

If you don’t like to write or feel writing isn’t your strength, this job would fall to me or a colleague who is handy at crafting flowing articles in a tone of your choosing. This could be professional, casual, or somewhere in-between. You can even specify that writing be done in first, second, or third person voice.

The Job of SEO

There’s more to SEO than writing articles and blogs. I conduct analysis of keyword performance before and after you hire me. It’s my job to make sure the words I chose are working to bring traffic to your website. I might develop a website for you if you don’t have one or the current site is not user-friendly. I will build links into your landing page which take customers to social media (your Facebook and Twitter pages) but also talk to other website owners who might be willing to post a link to your business. I’ll choose those other sites carefully because Google penalizes backlinks that don’t make sense in their context. Sensible choices would be sites dedicated to crafts, jewelry making supplies, or fashion blogs.

Updating the Job

Eventually, we sit down and look at how things are working out for you — probably after about 3 to 6 months. Has business picked up? Was this a result of internet marketing or some other method such as old-fashioned brochures, ads in the paper, or word of mouth? If our arrangement has been successful, you can choose to hire me for more SEO content writing on your web page or we can shake hands and say it was a good day at the office.…